Whether he was standing up to his adversaries or to members of his own political party, our 16th president was not afraid to make difficult choices. His story, documented in the new movie Lincoln is one of leadership, strength and courage in the face of opposition.

Disney has launched an interactive destination called the Lincoln Learning Hub working with historians and social studies curriculum experts to create an experience for students of all ages to connect to the film and its relevance. Fans can browse the interactive timeline and dig deeper into the events surrounding this pivotal moment in U.S. history. Meet Lincoln’s “Team of Rivals” and learn how he strategically used political muscle and the power of persuasion to build a coalition out of his quarrelsome colleagues. Get to know the key members of Congress and analyze the significant political maneuvering and leadership required to pass the Thirteenth Amendment. Lastly, explore themes of leadership with “What Would Lincoln Do” — an interactive look at how Lincoln might have grappled with some of history’s greatest challenges.

Teachers can find out more how they can use this information at Disney.go.com/Lincoln.