By Sarah Ullman

Movies starring YouTube creators on YouTube in partnership with AwesomenessTV will arrive this fall, per a YouTube blog post. Furthermore, YouTube will finance original series for four creators: The Fine Brothers, Joey Graceffa, Smosh, and Prank vs. Prank. Also, take note that YouTube recently “acquired” the new StampyLonghead series “Wonder Quest.” Presumably, this means Stampy’s show will live only on YouTube and the YouTube kids’ app, and not on other platforms like

Firstly, is the platform really “ready” for long form The UI/UX is continually adjusted, including a transparent video player perhaps meant to improve the viewing experience. Features published on YouTube will also have the added benefit of the analytics suite to review audience retention. (Hooray!) Producers will likely adjust the movie based on data gathered from the first YouTube window. Are we approaching a future when a feature is never truly “locked,” meaning each cut will be adjusted based on data feedback and distribution platform

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