Honda is really pushing its new ad campaign, which features a number of popular toys from the 80’s as part of its line for Happy Honda Days, including Stretch Armstrong, Jem and Masters of the Universe‘s Skeletor. Now, in the latest move to promote the new series of ads, Honda has allowed the powerful villain to “take over” its Twitter account, with a number of humorous posts, under a new #skeletakeover program.

Throughout today, Skeletor has been poking fun at his nemesis He-Man through a series of tweets, including “Just discovered #ManCrushMonday. Here’s a man I’d like to crush. #mcm #Skeletakeover” (featuring a picture of He-Man), as well as playful pokes at Honda itself, such as “Went to Honda to score some deals, but apparently nobody accepts Eternian silver. #CanSomeoneSpotMe #Skeletakeover”.

In addition to these posts, Skeletor has also posted his toy-like mug on the Honda account, letting people know that he certainly, ahem, means business. And, for good measure, this business has also spread to other companies, including conversations with Burger King (where he was quick to point out the similarities between the Burger King mascot and King Randor from the toy line) and Charmin (where he insisted that the toilet paper could be used for currency).

The campaign has been a successful one, with thousands of fans interacting and tagging their tweets along with Skeletor. Some, like a user under the name @CobraCommander, have been lucky enough to get a response (“it’s the little things that count. #Skeletakeover”. However, Honda hasn’t clarified just how long the fun will last – or if other toys like Jem and Stretch will get their chance to “dominate” the Twitter account.

For now, though, it looks like Honda is certainly having fun with the campaign, and those of you who can’t get enough villainy humor on Twitter can follow the official account for a few chuckles. If that’s not enough, you can also view the commercial below, featuring Skeletor adjusting to the large confines of one of Honda’s newer models.

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