ESports is a global phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity, and Newzoo is providing a better idea of what that growth looks like.

A new report, with data compiled using the company’s Streaming Platform Tracker, indicates that fans have watched a total of 803.7 million hours of league and tournament-related events on Twitch channels over the past ten months, ending May 2016. ESports content in general has accounted for 14 to 31 percent of total hours watched on Twitch, with event organizers getting the most viewability with 71.3 percent to total eSports hours watched. This includes bigger partners, such as Riot (the publishers of League of Legends) and the ESL.

Of all the months covered, October 2015 was the biggest, accounting for 123.9 million hours viewed and 31.2 percent of the total hours watched on Twitch for the month. The League of Legends World Championship played a vital part in this, along with ESL One New York and the MLG World Finals DOTA 2 Tournaments. August was a close second with 110.5 million hours watched, with Valve’s Dota 2 tournament finals, The International 5, and ESL One Cologne (which involves games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) leading the way.

Event organizer channels made up a huge part of the statistics, with 573 million hours of viewership, or approximately 71.3 percent of all watched eSports content on Twitch. The remaining 28.7 percent, consisted of broadcasters showing the events on their own channels.

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If you’re wondering what the most popular eSports franchise is, the research indicates that Riot easily dominated with League of Legends. However, other events made strong contributions, with fans tuning in to games like Counter-Strike, Hearthstone and Call of Duty.

About 3.2 billion hours came from regular consumer streams and pro players, and Newzoo pointed out with a previous report, eSports continue to be a driving factor for the Twitch. The ESL also made note that 1 in 4 hours of eSports content on Twitch was viewed through it, with hosted tournaments. It’s a big player when it comes to hosting events.

Other prominent tournaments scheduled for this year include the Call of Duty Championship, more League of Legends match-ups and Valve’s annual Dota 2 International tournament.