With brands starting the marketing storm for Black Friday earlier and earlier every year, it’s easy for Thanksgiving to be lost in the chaos. But for fast-food restaurants, Thanksgiving is a chance to creatively promote themselves to those either gorging themselves at home or looking for something less traditional.

Staying In

Popeyes is stepping in again to help out the over-busy or culinarily incompetent, offering a pre-cooked and frozen turkey for fans of southern cuisine. Interested eaters have to pick up the 10-pound, $40 birds in store, driving additional customers into the restaurant in addition to providing a novel revenue source. And if Brand Eating‘s review is to be trusted, they don’t taste half-bad, either.

If Popeyes isn't open on Thanksgiving, you can bring something like it home with you.
Popeyes Cajun-Style Turkey

White Castle is also helping out family-dinner diners for Thanksgiving, putting out a recipe for turkey stuffing made from its signature steamed sliders, which consumers can pick up either from the fast-food restaurant itself or frozen at most supermarkets. The recipe wisely suggests removing pickles before making the stuffing.

If your local White Castle isn't open on Thanksgiving, you can still pick frozen sliders from your local grocery store.
White Castle’s Special Slider Stuffing

This means that, theoretically, one could eat a Popeyes turkey stuffed with White Castle sliders, though whether one should is an entirely separate matter.

Though technically related more to Cyber Monday, Kentucky Fried Chicken‘s November holiday offering merits mention for upholding the traditional Thanksgiving values of family togetherness and lack of internet service. KFC has manufactured their very own branded Faraday cages, designed to protect families from the “hailstorm of coupons, BOGOs, hot dealz [sic], and brand advertising.”

Let Colonel Sanders' protective embrace take you back to a simpler time, the store page reads.
KFC’s “Internet Escape Pod”
In spirit of the holidays, however, the “Internet Escape Pod” has been discounted from its normal price of $96,485.34 to the far-more-reasonable $10,000—an 89.6 percent discount, practically a steal.

Going Out

For those looking to get into the Thanksgiving spirit early or want to experience holiday dinners at their local fast food restaurants, Subway and Arby’s are offering their own takes on turkey dinners.

Subway brought back its Autumn Carved Turkey sandwich back in September, letting customers enjoy the Thanksgiving leftover experience months in advance of the holiday itself.

Meanwhile, Arby’s decided to depart entirely from Thanksgiving traditions, introducing a line of deep-fried turkey sandwiches, saving curious customers the difficulties of frying enormous birds themselves. Apparently, it can be quite dangerous.

Taco Bell has jumped on the Friendsgiving bandwagon, inviting a group of influencers to its headquarters to try a Tex-Mex-themed dinner menu, including “Butternut Squash Chalupa Bites” and “Baja Blast Glazed Ham.”

Taco Bell’s “Friendsgiving Feast” works for many millennials choosing to celebrate the holidays with their friends before (and sometimes instead of) their families.