Instagram currently maintains about 150 million active users on their wildly popular app, but today those numbers carried a little more meaning with an announcement at a press event this morning. They let on that of those users, over half, or roughly 75 million are active daily.

That figure is tremendous, given that Instagram is a mobile-facing social network. By comparison, Facebook, which is fluidly cross-platform sees 727 million daily users overall. It looks like Facebook’s billion dollar investment in the photo sharing app is more and more substantiated.

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram gave some insight into why he feels photo-sharing has been experiencing a growth in popularity. Mobile is a growing industry worldwide, enabling all of us to carry around a camera with us at all times and spurring us to share our experiences online. He refers to these posts as “a visual status message.” In these modern times, an old adage holds true more than ever. For all a photo’s ability to translate across languages, it’s certainly worth at least 1000 words.
Source: TechCrunch