Today Motherboard reported that Netflix is testing out running advertisements that run before and after a user watches a video, showing that Netflix is caving a bit to pressure to have more of a Hulu/HBO-like model. In fact, there have been predictions that Netflix would have to look into this form of advertising to be more profitable at some point.

As Netflix’s growth continues to be strong with an acute focus on acquiring and retaining users by way of creating their own content, this move seems like a huge step back, not just for Netflix, but for advertising, too.

“Internet TV is divorced of the need of advertising revenue because we can develop direct relationships with the consumer,” said Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer back in May of last year. Hunt even went on to say that marketers will have to “find a different place to advertise.”

For a company who has been eager to advertise their shows through immaculate use of native advertising, I find it curious that they are not seeing the opportunities for brands to “advertise” within their own content.

Why make over-the-top services look more like linear TV Why not innovate and push back You’re marketing to consumers who were raised on ad-skipping through TiVo and now they’re doing the same thing with YouTube adblockers. It doesn’t matter how long, short or entertaining your spot is, they are skipping it. The very reason why users are electing to opt for paid streaming services is so that they no longer have to deal with the intrusion. It’s only a matter of time before users find a way to get around those too.