This is the day and age where, if a user is savvy enough, they can actually make a living from a social network, as we previously explained with various YouTube programmers. Adage recently reported on a savvy Instagram user who’s managing to make some big bucks by simply including brands with some of her posted photos.

Danielle Bernstein, who runs a style blog called We Wore What that ties in with an Instagram account, recently chatted with Harper’s Bazaar on how she makes a comfortable living (around six figures) by simply posting these photos.

“Right now, Bernstein’s rate card, through Next Models, sets her range for the cost of a single piece of sponsored content (i.e. one Instagram shot) from $5,000 to $15,000. This rate can go up or down, depending the terms of the deal, such as if a brand wants a long-term commitment or multiple Instagram pictures,” said the article.

Bernstein’s got quite a following, with nearly one million followers on her Instagram, and once she crosses that point, she could easily request — and get — $100,000 from brands for a post, according to Bazaar. She’s recently worked with Lancome and Virgin Hotels, to great success, as you can see from the photo below.

While this may inspire some savvy users to try and find a business side to their social account, there are warnings being issued in terms of loose disclosure with paid endorsements. Back in December 2013, the Federal Trade Commission called publishers to Washington D.C. to see what steps are being taken in terms of labeling native ads. It hasn’t stepped into social media channels like Instagram and Vine just yet, but it could happen some day, according to Adage.

Regardless, it looks like Bernstein’s success will continue forward, with plenty of clients in tow. “With Instagram’s highly selective ad placements, brands are definitely itching to integrate with the platform. Combined with Instagram’s propensity for high quality imagery and content, brands and influencers alike are certainly placing a premium on any branded material. Fashion, beauty, and travel are among the top categories we’ve seen so far on the platform,” says Steven Lai, ION‘s Talent Group Director.