Even for a major Vine creator like Zach King, better known as FinalCutKing, “that 6-second limit can be tough.” Marketers around the room at [a]list summit could surely relate.

While we can all agree that digital video in all its many forms is one of the fast-growing and exciting content platforms for brands and creators, finding your stride in mobile content can be especially tough given that each platform and its restrictions can either inspire or bury an idea.

Viners Jack and Jack captivated the room with their humor and their casually innate knowledge mobile content creation.

“It started out of boredom. We live in Omaha, Nebraska,” said the duo as they finish eachother’s sentences and share an obvious bond for their passion. “The dope thing about Vine is you can post to Vine and it can spread around the Internet in a matter of hours.”

The highlight of their budding careers so far has been creating and selling their very own pizza at Pizza Hut. When it comes to getting involved with brands, they speak from experience. “We know how to integrate the product,” they said.

Jack and Jack make it clear that while a Vine may be 6 seconds long, creating the content is much more involved than some might assume.

“Sometimes the simplest Vines can take the longest.”

Brittani Louise Taylor, whose work on YouTube has gotten a lot of attention from brands like Hot Pockets (although she herself is Vegan) and Schick. On YouTube, she goes by BLT and is a complete multi-threat of a content creator: she sings, she acts, she conceptualizes ideas, engages, and humors her fans.

“I’m a machine now,” said Brittani. She’s not only seen growth in her viewership, but a shift in the medium in which they prefer to watch her videos: “I went 80 percent of my views being on YouuTube to 50 or 60 percent on mobile.”