It’s not unusual for brands to jump on the latest trend on Twitter in an effort to boost their marketing efforts. Sometimes it’s a touchdown (Oreo’s Super Bowl genius), and sometimes you know a social media manager is attempting to dig himself out of a very public ditch.

In what is being labeled a marketing fail, Lexus is the latest brand to make a real-time oops, essentially bashing one of their most famous customers.  Ever since word spread that Warner Brothers had picked Ben Affleck to star in the new Batman movie, the Twitter sphere has exploded with controversial hashtags, many of which range from #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck to #Batleck.

Lexus decided to chime in, “You can question the superhero. You can’t question the supercar. #Batfleck #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck.”

After Lexus took this dig at Affleck, several news sites picked up the tweet, while also pointing out that the celebrity has actually been known to drive a Lexus. Ouch.

Guess Bruce Wayne probably won’t be driving a Lexus in Batman vs. Superman now. The company has since removed the tweet in question.

Source: SFGate