While it’s only been a month since Snapchat has unveiled their very first ad with the sponsored promotion for the film Oujia, Snapchat has

looked into other ways to monetize the of-the-moment platform. From reaching out to publishers for content to making way for what advertisers feared would be a swath of untargeted ads, Snapchat knows it has marketers champing at the bit.

Now we have a look at other brand possibilities after last night’s AMAs. While other brands were busily commenting on the proceedings on Twitter, it would be Samsung that would sponsor a stream of posts on Snapchat, giving a fun insider look at the event.

Snapchat is calling the product “Our Story” streams and had introduced them back in June as more of a story curation tool. In this execution, “Our Story” provided a second screen-like experience to the television broadcast.

Now that we’ve seen them in action, the product has obvious benefits for TV brand advertisers and other marketers who want to be part of the conversation around other major events.

Beyond Samsung and the AMAs, Snapchat illustrates the use of “Our Story” around a hugely attended music event below.