National Video Games Day is upon us and brands are taking the opportunity to reach this lucrative market through social media. Naturally, game developers and publishers gave a shout-out to the masses, but here are a few non-game-related brands that found creative ways to connect.

Pizza Hut

Pizza and video game parties go hand-in-hand, so Pizza Hut wanted to extend a thank you to its gamer fan base.

US Air Force

Even the military got in on the action, knowing full well that gamers have some of the best reflexes on the planet. To test those skills (and inspire enlistment), the US Air Force promoted a video game on their website.


The online business locator and review site is catering to the Pokémon GO craze by offering a special filter for Pokéstops—designated areas that offer free in-game items. Players can also place a “lure” at the location, attracting Pokémon creatures to the area.

Burger King

The social media account for Burger King Philippines created a Pac-Man level out of a chicken patty, chicken nuggets and french fries to mark the occasion, which looks as fun as it is delicious.


The soda’s United Kingdom Twitter account offered this simple but effective way to show off different versions of Coca-Cola with four bottles playing a video game together.


Subaru created and reinforced brand awareness with gamers through nostalgia, reminding (or informing) players of the BRZ model in Forza Motorsport 6.

New York Islanders

Hockey fans were treated to an NHL 17 video game giveaway, courtesy of EA and the New York Islanders on Monday.

Laporu Nails

Laporu Nails, a mobile app for finding and booking nail appointments, posted this clever mash-up of nail art and video games to promote the brand.

Classic FM

A classic music radio station in the UK celebrated the beauty of video game soundtracks with a two hour broadcast.

Jacamo Outfitters

This company out of the UK provides clothing “for the real man” in all shapes and sizes. You don’t want to be facing down a fire ball with pants that are too tight!

Short and sweet—these Twitter shout-outs allowed brands to join the conversation of a lucrative, growing and enthusiastic community. Not into video games? Don’t worry, September 12 is also National Chocolate Milkshake Day and National Boss/Employee Exchange Day, in case your boss walks in to find you with your feet on his/her desk while slobbering chocolate syrup all over the TPS reports.