In “Haunted Memories”, fans must try and save their Facebook friends in a card game playing against the Woman in Black. But be warned, she plays by her own rules. Click a card to flip to over and match pairs of cards to free your friends. One pair of cards belongs to the Woman in Black. If you pick only one of her cards, she will shuffle the deck. Choose both Woman in Black cards to remove her from play before the round. There are three levels and each level has more cards than the previous level.

In “Puzzling Visions”, fans must try and fit together pieces of a puzzle and see if they can find out what they saw, who will be next and when will she stop Three puzzles of three shifting visions have been created by the Woman in Black. Assemble the pieces and complete the puzzle to watch the full video with sound. Click and drag each puzzle piece to the correct spot on the pad. When placed correctly, the piece snaps in place and cannot be moved again. Solve each puzzle to see and hear the entire clip.