Snapchat has become one of the bigger success stories on the social media front over the past couple of years, with a number of brands supporting the format and millions of viewers utilizing the app. But now, it may have just become more successful than Twitter.

A new report from Bloomberg indicates that Snapchat now has 150 million people that use it each day, which actually eclipses the daily active users that utilize Twitter. This is a huge increase from the 110 million daily users that were tallied back in December — a 40 million increase in a matter of six months.

Twitter currently has 140 million users that interact with its services on a daily basis, based on estimates gathered by Bloomberg. Of course, Facebook still remains a top draw with services like Instagram and Messenger, but the fact that a four-year-old social media app can make that kind of progress in a short amount of time is incredibly impressive.

Even though Snapchat has a high number behind it, Twitter still notes that it has 310 million monthly active users, although it failed to disclose just how many check in on a regular basis.

Snapchat’s audience growth is no accident. Between brand promotions and the introduction of new services like customizable video tools, including Lenses that add everything from puppy dog faces to “rainbow puke,” it’s given users more reason to tinker with the app, even though most of the general content vanishes after a 24-hour time period.

During Re/Code‘s technology conference on Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that Snapchat messaging had become “very modern,” and is working to make Twitter more convenient for its audience to use. That’s not to say it’s losing business, but it needs to make changes when it comes to keeping up with competitors like Facebook and Snapchat.

For the time being, Snapchat is certainly going places, and it could very well crack 200 million viewers by year’s end, based on its rate of growth. Talk about a Live Story worth sharing.

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