Snapchat has clearly become the newest social media platform that possesses a young audience intrepid brands are yearning to capture.

Brands who already have a presence on Snapchat are communicating with teenagers and millennials successfully more than any other platform. This shouldn’t come as surprise considering teenagers and millennials are responsible for about half of Snapchat’s estimated 100+ million users.

Snapchat recently released (with it’s last official update) a new function called Discover.

Discover is a series of partnerships linked with various media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, CNN, National Geographic, Vice, and others. The objective is to place content (both video and even full text articles) from those brands on Snapchat. Discover allows brands to have a permanent place on the service for the first time. The function has allowed the platform to reach Generation X’s and Babyboomers with more success and in ways brands are desperate to get involved with. It’s speculated that these newfound partnerships with formal brands will propel Snapchat forward as a growing social network.

This being said, Discover isn’t an option for most brands at the moment. What this means for other brands is, if you want to create a presence on Snapchat, you’re going to have play the game by the same rules as consumers – utilizing stories within Snapchat.

Stories enable brands to broadcast to thousands, as opposed to the one-to-one limitations that came from Snapchat’s origins, in ways familiar to that of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. More so, brand activity on Snapchat can cause an increase in user awareness on other social media platforms as well.

“Brand awareness is hard to measure, but social monitoring conversations is easy to measure, and if brands do something good on Snapchat, people will talk about it and will talk about it on Twitter and Facebook,” Adobe Social product manager Carmen Sutter said, according to TechRepublic.

While stories is over a year old, it’s coming under renewed attention now that Discover is reawakening some brands to Snapchat. Discover is helping them realize that Snapchat can be a one-to-many channel. While virtually none of them can get into Discover right now, they can create leverage via stories instead.

Snapchat is no longer an app solely pertaining to people younger than 24-years-old. The brands that have been starting to sign up and figure out how to best manipulate Snapchat as a social media platform have begun to garner an overwhelming amount of attention and hype recently – unlike most of the other lagging brands out there.

Through use of Discover and stories, Snapchat is now reaching several difficult-to-reach demographics in ways other brands covet. Brands that intend to make a name for themselves or grow by means of broadcasting on social media platforms should hop on the Snapchat bandwagon A.S.A.P.