This week in social media news, Facebook’s new research suggests brand loyalty is under threat, Spotify launches a live audio mobile app called Spotify Greenroom, YouTube adds a new feature for creators and expands Shorts to 23 countries, Twitter is launching a ‘subscribe button’ for those with a Revue newsletter and more.

New Facebook Report Reveals Digital Media Evolution’s Impact On Shopper Journey

A new research study from Facebook and Kantar explores the implications of how the evolution of online shopping has impacted the shopper journey. Though the findings are specific to Hong Kong and Taiwan online shoppers, there are implications for marketers everywhere looking to continue driving brand love.  

Why it matters: As Facebook’s research shows, brand loyalty is under threat amid the growing variety of choices consumers have today. Citing a Nielsen Global Consumer Loyalty study, Facebook reports that only 8 percent of consumers consider themselves committed loyalists to their favorite brands.

The details: Starting with its brand loyalty findings, Facebook reports that 56 percent of global shoppers find it extremely important to experience novelty. Specifically, 80 percent of Taiwanese will continue trying new brands to find the ones that suit them best.

To inspire loyalty, brands must meet the six universal drivers of brand love. According to a study by Oath, those include: exceeding needs, building just, setting trends, sharing values, respecting consumers and elevating experiences.

Post-purchase, it’s important for brands to exceed consumers’ needs, namely keeping an open channel for shoppers to share feedback or ask questions. The reason being, 48 percent of Hong Kong online shoppers expect to receive proactive updates around issues related to their offers.

Like most shoppers, those in Facebook’s study are interested in receiving communications from brands, but many fear that their personal data will be leaked. Brands must not only protect consumer data but also create meaningful outcomes for shoppers, notes Facebook.

In the final leg of the shopper journey, Facebook notes, brands should analyze shoppers’ data to understand their current behaviors and predict future ones as a means to exceed shopper expectations.

Spotify Launches Live Audio Mobile App ‘Spotify Greenroom’

Spotify has entered the standalone audio app space with its own live audio mobile app called Spotify Greenroom. Powered by a Creator Fund, the app will enable Spotify users on iOS and Android worldwide to tune in or host live audio rooms, then create podcasts out of those conversations.

Why it matters: Spotify’s foray into the live audio space heats up the competition among standalone audio apps such as Clubhouse and audio-only features being developed by social media giants like Facebook. The news comes after Spotify in March acquired Betty Labs, the company responsible for Locker Room, a sports-focused audio app.

The details: For now, Spotify Greenroom can host up to 1,000 people. Hosts can rack up “gems” in the app, given to them by listeners as a form of applause. The number of gems a speaker receives will appear next to their profile image during a live session.

Spotify Greenroom includes a live text chat option and the option to request your audio file after a live session concludes, which as noted above, can turn into a podcast. Spotify said it will be recording the live audio sessions for moderation purposes.

In the coming months, Spotify plans to launch more features for Greenroom, as well as programmed content. The Creator Fund Spotify announced will aim to help audio creators based in the US earn money for their work. Interested creators can sign up through this form.

YouTube’s New Update Will Speed Up Creators’ Video Editing Process

In the latest episode of YouTube’s ‘Creator Insider’ series, ads policy lead Conor Kavanaugh announced an update that gives creators the ability to place midroll, end screens, info cards and manual captions while their video is uploading. In the same update, Kavanaugh confirmed that YouTube is extending the Shorts camera to 23 countries.

Why it matters: Albeit small, the update will speed up the video editing process for creators.

YouTube’s Shorts expansion to 23 countries signals the offering’s increased momentum. More creators are likely to test Shorts now that YouTube has announced its $100 million Shorts Fund, which will reward creators whose Shorts get the most engagement each month.

The details: The new editing feature for creators is now available in the YouTube Studio process. And among the regions Shorts is coming to are the UK, Canada and Latin America.

Twitter Adds Newsletter Subscription Button Via Revue

Twitter is getting ready to introduce a newsletter subscription button, which will be available to anyone with a Revue newsletter who chooses to enable the feature via Revue, reports Mashable.

Why it matters: The new addition follows Twitter’s acquisition of Revue, which writers use to generate free or paid subscription newsletters. Twitter claims a 5 percent cut of the latter, according to Mashable.

The details: As explained by a company spokesperson, those who have a Revue account can turn the subscribe button feature on. Those who visit the writer’s Twitter profile can subscribe directly via the button.

Twitter hasn’t announced an exact launch date for the button, but confirmed it’ll first be available on the web and Android and later to iOS.

Facebook Announces New Payment QR Codes, Branded Chat Themes For Messenger

Facebook has launched three new features for Messenger, including the ability for US users to utilize QR codes and payment links on Facebook Pay; sponsored chat themes; and a quick reply bar to the Messenger media viewer.

Why it matters: Facebook Messenger counts 136 million users and that figure is expected to grow to 138.1 million next year.

The details: Eliminating the need to download separate payment apps or add new contacts, Facebook’s new Messenger QR codes and payment links make it easy to send or request money via Facebook Pay. Users can access these new features in their Messenger settings under “Facebook Pay.”

Next, Facebook has rolled out three new sponsored chat themes, including one inspired by Gen Z actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo, World Oceans Day and the “F9” film.

Lastly, Messenger users will now see a quick reply bar, which will enable them to send a quick response without having to revisit the main chat thread.