As part of an accelerating trend where brands are using video app Vine in order to engage consumers, Procter & Gamble’s Tide recently came out with a stealthy six second spot that capitalizes on the annual buzz surrounding Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”

“When oceanic imagery is already built into your brand name, as with, say, Tide, you probably don’t have to worry about jumping the Shark Week,” Adweek writes.

To elevate the bloody good Vine spot, Tide purchased Promoted Tweets under the tagline “We get out blood, too,” featuring an animated shark chomping through the brand’s iconic logo until the screen flashes red, displaying the witty copy.

Also taking advantage of the sensationalized week is The Weather Channel which is promoting its coverage of the hurricane season via Twitter, as well as a 15-second YouTube video. Meanwhile, Volkswagen Group is also driving multiple creative executions, like purchasing the term ‘Shark Week’ in its Promoted Tweets.

Shark Week is entering its 26th season on the Discovery Channel, and has over the years generated massive hype via social media, making it a definite “thing” in pop culture. Yesterday marked its premiere and was already trending on Twitter.






Source: Adweek