By Jessica Klein

Brands have been jumping on the online video bandwagon in increasing numbers, and to their significant benefit. As more consumers turn to the internet to get their video fix, the more they’re likely to watch compelling content therein, regardless of whether its branded.

The following five brands have figured this out, releasing content that’s entertaining in its own right and engages consumers in ways different from your average TV commercials. With the popularity of online video, brands that are doing it right have given their products storylines, allowing viewers to engage in ways that feel more personal and emotional than a simple plea to “buy this product.”

As Mike Henry, CEO and founder of Outrigger Media, points out, “These consumer brands are embracing content best practices on YouTube – from bespoke creative, to collaborative efforts with YouTubers – and likely supplementing those efforts with targeted media campaigns on YouTube. Being successful on YouTube involves a careful balance of content, creative, and audience data.”

From Bushmills to Bose, these brands stood out as the top five blossoming talent on YouTube, according to data from Outrigger Media’s Emerging Talent Tracker tool.

5. BushmillsGlobal

  • SlateScore: 441
  • Total Subs: 1,170
  • Monthly Views: 1,108,320

Bushmills, handcrafted in a Northern Ireland whiskey distillery, goes the way of many liquor brands in showcasing their product via video–by featuring people drinking and having fun while listening to live music. The Bushmills Live series on the brand’s channel focuses on eight bands gathering in the Bushmills distillery to celebrate music and drink whiskey, complete with interviews like the one you can watch below:

4. CVS Health

  • SlateScore: 499
  • Total Subs: 10,383
  • Monthly Views: 1,110,630

CVS posts videos meant to move viewers by adding distinctly human touches, like showing the efforts of “everyday people” to end cigarette addictions and putting faces to the company’s pharmacists. The channel’s anti-smoking campaign, along with its other videos, shows a clear trend of personalizing the CVS brand.

3. Bose

  • SlateScore: 511
  • Total Subs: 16,935
  • Monthly Views: 2,914,230

Taking the line of “you’re unique, thus our product is meant for you,” Bose’s YouTube channel is actually mostly useful, including many tutorials and product updates. Lots of “SoundTouch Tech Tips” videos sit comfortably beside, say, advertisements featuring celebrities and young adults partying on this brand’s digital video home.

2. CleanandClearUS

  • SlateScore: 539
  • Total Subs: 12,499
  • Monthly Views: 1,977,750

Celebrating women, Clean and Clear’s channel on YouTube seeks to spread the message of body positivity in the face of detrimental norms like obsessive photoshopping and too-thin models. The following video is part of the brand’s “See the Real Me” campaign, which encourages (female) viewers to have confidence in the beauty of (what popular media suggests are) their “imperfections.”

1. Under Armour

  • SlateScore: 584
  • Total Subs: 59,040
  • Monthly Views: 4,864,380

From a series that features quarterback Cam Newton to some traditional commercial footage, Under Armour has created a highly entertaining channel online. The brand’s content targets men and women, serious athletes and those who simply understand that exercise is good for the body and soul. Its currently featured video, for example, showcases Under Armour attire, Giselle Bundchen, and a powerful statement.

YouTube data provided by Outrigger Media’s OpenSlate platform and Emerging Talent Tracker, which ranks rising YouTube channels by a measure of influence.

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