Twitter wants to revamp its platform and is aiming to give users a more rewarding experience, starting with its homepage.

After tweaking the way its timeline works and opening up integrated analytics tools to all users, execs at the social network have decided to change the welcome process that greets new users, saying it’s the company’s “first major update in 3 years,” according to Re/code.

The front page at features a continuous rotation of images tweeted by users, while the process of finding people to follow from scratch has been improved, with the emphasis being split between people you might actually know and wellknown celebrities.

“People are consuming tweets as media a lot more now that we have photos that are pre-expanded in the platform,” said Twitter’s director of brand strategy Ross Hoffman regarding Twitter’s recent design changes and how they have affected user behavior. “On the trends side, we’ve seen interesting things. We’ve been seeing for some time certain memes that are now mainstream and baking them into campaigns.”

Hoffman’s job is to assure brands that Twitter remains valuable, even as recent questions involving slowing user growth are starting to be raised, according to Digital Trends.

“[It’s] that open, public exchange of information where you can see amazing things that are happening all over the world, whether it’s the world that you curated or the creative world,” said Hoffman explaining Twitter’s distinction from other platforms. “We’re real-time, we’re conversational, we’re distributed and we’re public.”

Additionally, in response to claims that the platform is difficult for first-timers to grasp, Twitter now begins its signup process by asking users about their interests, rather than trying to explain how the timeline works.


Source: Digital Trends