How does your favorite brand show you love on social They may say it with words and swag (nothing wrong with that), but yesterday Xbox illustrated that fan appreciation to one follower in a picture (which is worth about a thousand words they say, so roughly 333.3333… “I love yous”).

In a tweet to promote their recent piece of creative #PlayStyles featuring six popular gaming positions with comedic recommendations, the company asked its followers to tweet their favorite way to game.  Enter Travis Vasher. A gamer with a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta (O.I.). The disease causes extremely fragile bones, and because of his condition Vasher lives life seated in a wheel chair – which he seems to deem the perfect throne for late night gaming sessions.

Vasher responded to Xbox, “For me my #PlayStyle is the king! #Xbox360 in my wheelchair but soon it will be #XboxOne.”

The company returned the love with a customized graphic featuring Vasher’s face coupled with a slogan, “@tvasher12, It’s good to be king.”

The resemblance is pretty spot on too. Nice move, Microsoft. Game on, Travis.


Thanks to Rachel Weinstein for tipping us off.