With the event just over a month away, [a]listdaily is pleased to announce the first batch of speakers for [a]list summit: Frontline Marketing. The event will be taking place at the W Hotel in Seattle, Washington on April 20.

Brand owner of AT&T Foundry, Ruth Yomtoubian will be giving a keynote on “How Innovation Creates Brand Value.” AT&T Foundry is AT&T’s network of “innovation centers” for the purpose of exploring new technology with partners like Ericsson, Cisco, Intel and Amdocs. Yomtoubian will be discussing how AT&T approaches innovation through the Foundry model.

In addition to the keynote, two presentations have been announced. Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman, founders of Two Bit Circus, will be on hand for a presentation about “Blending Physical and Digital Play” with immersive entertainment.

Blending data science with marketing, ION.co’s CTO Kai Mildenberger and Dr. Galen Buckwalter, data scientist behind eHarmony and Payoff.com, and scientific advisor to [a]insights, will discuss “How Predictive Analytics Can Help Find Your Brand Soulmates.” 

Other speakers include:

  • Jim Louderback, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist
  • Sahand Barati, President, IDRA
  • Chris Younger, Principal and Director of Strategy, Ayzenberg
  • Stu Pope, Principal and Creative Director, Ayzenberg
  • Rebecca Markarian, SVP, Social and Digital Media, Ayzenberg
  • Steven Lai, Head of Talent, ION
  • Vincent Juarez, Principal, Ayzenberg & ION
  • Robin Boytos, Director, Analytics, Ayzenberg & [a]insights
  • Joey Jones, VP and Creative Director, Ayzenberg
  • Jon Simon, VP, Integrated Marketing, Ayzenberg
  • Andy Swanson, VP, eSports, Twitch
  • Dan Ciccone, MD, rEVXP, Manager, OpTic Gaming
  • Michael Cai, SVP, Research, Video Games and Technology

Past speakers include:

  • Morgan Neville, Academy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker
  • Jonathan Murtaugh, US Head of Industry for Film and Television, Facebook & Instagram
  • Stephanie Horbaczewski, CEO, StyleHaul
  • Michelle Phan, YouTube Superstar and Founder ipsy
  • Andy Swanson, VP, eSports, Twitch
  • LeAnne Hackmann, Sr. Director, Global Content Strategy & Activation, Mattel
  • Allison Stern, Co-Founder & VP Marketing and Business Development, Tubular
  • JC Cangilla, SVP of Business Development, New Form Digital
  • Seamus Blackley, Xbox Co-Creator
  • Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Producer, Transformers Franchise
  • Shay Carl, Co-Founding Talent of Maker Studios
  • Peter Levin, President, Interactive Ventures and Games, Lionsgate
  • Terry City, Head of West Coast Operations, Buzzfeed
  • David Hayes, Head of Creative Strategy, Tumblr
  • T.J.Marchetti, CMO, Awesomeness TV
  • Maria Pacheco, Sr. Director, Mobile Marketing, Dreamworks Animation
  • Mary Healey, Global Lead, YouTube Brand Partner Program
  • Elaine Chase, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing, Hasbro
  • Scott Carlis, VP of digital and social media, AEG (LA Kings)
  • Jack and Jack, Influencers
  • Zach King, Influencer
  • Olga Kay, Influencer
  • Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari of Chuck E Cheese
  • Ed Lin, Director of Brand Marketing, Warner Bros
  • Jordan Weisman, CEO, Harebrained Schemes
  • Min Kim, CEO, Nexon America
  • Jeanette Liang, Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing, Estee Lauder
  • Mike Webster, Director of Marketing, Capcom
  • Kristian Segerstale, COO, Super Evil MegaCorp
  • Leo Oleb, Director of Marketing, Kabam
  • Ryan Weiner, Director of Marketing, Activision
  • Phil Marineau, Director of Marketing, Electronic Arts
  • Ryan Cameron, Xbox Director of Marketing Communications, Microsoft

For the latest updates and agenda, check out alistsummit.com