Pocket God looks to share some iPhone knowledge

Pocket God looks to share some iPhone knowledge

The idea is simple: you are God, the iPhone is your window into your world, and you can do with it what you wish. Help the little caveman-like creatures or feed them to the sharks, make it a cool and starry night or a tumultuous storm, it’s all up to you.

It’s cute and engaging.

And it’s 99 cents.

And it has free updates that come out every couple of weeks.

While we know these elements should combine to a perfect storm of success in Apple’s ever-crowded app world, we couldn’t confirm that until a recent VerticalWire discussion with Bolt Creative.

The team at Bolt Creative even provided a chart showing how spikes in sales corresponded to their free updates, which are delivered to new and existing users on an episodic basis.

From VerticalWire:

“The iPhone’s low barrier to entry is great for small teams and small budgets, but its explosive popularity also translates into a daunting level of competition that can be hard to confront,” said Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative. “We’ve found success by creating an engaged and enthusiastic community, and releasing an onslaught of free updates. We thought it was important to share what we’ve learned.”

Learn more about their success at VerticalWire {link no longer active}, and download the game today by clicking over to iTunes {link no longer active}.