Survival simulation zombie game H1Z1: King of the Kill has been a big boon for video game developer and publisher Daybreak Games.

So much so that at E3 this year, former Lakers star and three-time NBA champion Rick Fox announced that Echo Fox is creating the first-ever professionally created eSport for H1Z1: King of the Kill.

“Beyond my own enjoyment watching H1Z1, which I believe is a tenant of an eSport, because it is viewable and enjoyable to watch, I enjoy playing it, too,” Fox, owner of eSports organization Echo Fox, told [a]listdaily. “We’ve spent a lot of hours talking about where it’s headed as an eSport.”

Fox and company, who have teams competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends, are currently in the vetting process to create a team that will debut at TwitchCon at the H1Z1 Invitational this September.

Originally a Sony Online Entertainment gaming company, Daybreak Games has done a commendable job carrying their own weight largely because of their player-versus-player, high-intensity shooter that pits multiple teams against one another at the same time in a battle royale mode.

Candace Brenner, senior director of global marketing for Daybreak Games, joined [a]listdaily (video below) to detail how they’re reaching today’s consumers.

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