In this 254th episode, I talk with Ryan George, chief marketing officer at Docupace Technologies, a financial technology company focused on the wealth management industry.

In this episode, we discuss the B2B marketing space, Ryan’s focus on content marketing and building expertise within an organization, and how that can be a natural, self-fulfilling prophecy for your success.

At the beginning of the conversation, we discuss Ryan’s transition from public relations to marketing, his role as CMO at Docupace, and how Ryan thinks about B2B marketing in today’s world. From his perspective, “leads don’t come overnight,” and it’s the human connection that creates value and draws customers to your product.

Throughout the rest of the interview, we talk about looking for “the kernel of truth” when people give you feedback and Ryan’s desire for people in other departments to make sure employees are engaged and have what they need. To find out how Ryan responds in both situations, take a listen to this episode of Marketing Today.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why human connection is so important in B2B marketing
  • How the value you create makes a difference
  • Why authenticity makes or breaks your connection
  • What a “no-ego” marketing strategy looks like

Key Highlights:

  • [01:20] How Ryan travels “with muscle” to get interviews
  • [02:42] Ryan’s career path 
  • [04:05] Ryan’s transition from public relations to marketing
  • [04:52] What is Docupace and who do they serve
  • [06:28] What it’s like to be a CMO at Docupace
  • [07:13] How Ryan thinks about B2B marketing today
  • [09:29] ABM marketing and seeking insights
  • [12:02] Learning drives your content marketing strategy
  • [16:29] How Ryan handles feedback on his marketing tactics
  • [19:07] Ryan’s responsibility around culture and employee development
  • [22:43] Operating with a no-ego mentality
  • [23:32] An experience that defines Ryan, made him who he is today 
  • [25:39] Ryan’s advice for his younger self
  • [26:51] A recent impactful purchase Ryan made
  • [29:00] The brands, companies, and causes Ryan follows
  • [31:38] What Ryan says is the biggest threat for marketers today

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