From EuroGamer:

Holland’s largest specialised retail outlet, Nedgame, has decided not to sell the PSPgo this October. And, the shop explained to Eurogamer Holland, there are a handful of reasons why.

The hefty price-tag of 249.99 being one of them. That’s 80 more than the PSP-3000 costs, a difference Nedgame believes the new handheld does not justify – the smaller screen is picked out as an example.

Nedgame also mentioned its discomfort at Sony creating a monopoly on the software sold on PSPgo.

Retailers make the most profit on the game sales, not the actual console, and since the PSPgo doesn’t have a UMD drive and all the software is downloaded through Sony s store, this loops out retailers completely.

Eurogamer also mentions a Spain-based retailer may follow suit, although there’s no inkling an American retailer will do the same.

They have a point though, because there is little incentive for a retailer to carry the PSPgo, a console that helps makes those same retailers obsolete through digital distribution.