eSports continues to dominate with multi-million dollar tournaments and wide exposure on streaming channels and networks alike. And now, Skillz is ready to get further into its game with a new round of funding.

Per a report from GamesIndustry International,the company, which works in the mobile eSports division and offers a number of cash prizes for the taking, has managed to gain $15 million in Series B funding, led by David Bonderman’s Wildcat Capital Management.

Other investors that took part in the funding include The Kraft Group (which owns the New England Patriots) and Mark Lasry (co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks).

“With David Bonderman and the owners of professional sports franchises like the New England Patriots and Milwaukee Bucks behind us, we are shaping the intersection of digital and physical sports and defining the future of competition,” said Andrew Paradise, CEO of Skillz.

“With more people playing video games than all physical sports, eSports are achieving mainstream adoption, and Skillz is leading the way,” he added. “It’s easy to imagine the day when eSports competitions share the same court as the Milwaukee Bucks.”

Skillz has come a long way ever since it was founded in 2012, with two different offices coast-to-coast (one in San Francisco and one in Boston), and another $13.3 million raised back in September 2014, led by a $6 million investment by Atlas Venture

Considering that a lot of mobile games are emphasizing more on the MOBA style of play (like the hit Vainglory and other up-and-coming titles), it shouldn’t be a surprise that Skillz wants to jump into the fray, in the hopes of seeing how competitive they can become overall. And with several key investors particular from various sports leagues taking part, it appears eSports could be gaining interest in other markets as well.

The future certainly looks bright for Skillz. And with the players in tow, the fun is just getting started.