With the prevalence of digital distribution, bricks-and-mortar video game retailer Gamestop has resorted to different techniques to keep gamers buying their wares at the store.  One of these methods   To partner up with publishers and offer downloadable incentives (through promotional codes) for people who pre-order their game at Gamestop.

EA’s upcoming rock opus Brutal Legend is the latest to join the action, and it helps us see a trend in marketing games (and locking down those dollars).

Gamers who pre-order Brutal Legend at Gamestop will get early access to a demo of the game on September 17, and there will be a special downloadable guitar that is only available to the pre-orderers.

Expect these kinds of offers to continue as both retailers and publishers continue to try and stem the tide of digital downloads and (in the publisher’s case) a long-booming used games market.