Watching a video is one thing – but being able to watch a video in a setting of your choosing is another. Online video is no doubt popular, but users like having different options available when it comes to viewing clips, including going full-screen and not being forced to watch said clip in a small, static window.

So, Facebook has decided to change up its video formatting in its News Feed, providing the ability to detach a video outside of the News Feed and place it anywhere within the browser window, according to a report from Mashable.

By clicking on an icon on the lower-right hand portion of the screen, users can move about the video clip however they see fit, even though it must remain within the browser window. This is currently for the desktop version of Facebook, though – seeing as how mobile screens aren’t big enough to support video movement (at least, not yet – they are getting bigger).

With the launch of the “floating video” window, users will have access to a close button, as well as play/pause, and, of course, the option to like and share them with others. It also conveniently vanishes if a user moves away from the News Feed, in case they feel like checking out something else.

Although this is relatively small compared to Facebook’s other changes to video, it’s the latest movement by the company to integrate the format into its social media site. It recently introduced a program where it hopes to create better monetization opportunities for creators and advertisers alike; and it’s also attracted networks like Amazon and HBO when it comes to “sampling” certain shows, including Ballers and The Brink.

And these moves are certainly making a difference, as the company reported an estimated three billion daily video views on its site earlier this year. There’s no question that traffic will continue to rise – and with the convenience of being able to view videos in a movable format, too.