Daniel Kashmir, Playtrex CEO

Floyd “Money” Mayweather has made nearly $1 billion in career earnings as a pugilist and is fresh off of a decisive beatdown last summer of UFC star Conor McGregor that netted upward of nine figures. But the recently retired 40-year-old boxer is not simply resting on his laurels.

Mayweather is now taking his fame to expand to other business opportunities, specifically as a mobile game personality in the social casino game Wild Poker, the debut mobile title from developer Playtrex.

Mayweather, who has over 40 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alone, will use his social platforms to promote the game—in between sessions of flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Additionally, Mayweather is featured in the game’s promotional videos and has lent his likeness as a playable character in the game.

“For most brands, a single post to Floyd’s Instagram channel or Twitter profile is worth a lot of money because it provides such tremendous exposure, so that is one of the main ways we plan to spread awareness [of the game],” Playtrex CEO Daniel Kashmir told AListDaily.

Kashmir said that Playtrex will continue to leverage Mayweather’s personality and popularity in future marketing campaigns as the company expands past promotion with traditional advertising and marketing channels.

The ex-boxer may have a vested interest in seeing the Hero Digital Entertainment published mobile game succeed. Mayweather will make around six figures and will receive additional cash on the back end based on how well the game does, according to a TMZ report.

Mayweather has a reputation for not being quick to put his name behind any brand. He previously told Fortune during his boxing heyday that his $1 million asking price to simply begin playing ball with brands was deemed too high for most marketers.

The amount of exposure Mayweather brings to the table may be worth the asking price for Kashmir and company, who said Mayweather is involved because he loved Wild Poker after seeing it for the first time.

“Floyd loves gaming [and gambling] in general and he especially loves poker,” said Kashmir. “But there are hundreds if not thousands of poker games for mobile devices, so he wasn’t going to put his name on just any poker game.”

Kashmir said Mayweather was drawn to Wild Poker specifically because it wasn’t a straightforward poker game. In it, Mayweather plays Texas Hold’em alongside animal characters like chimpanzees, giraffes, sharks and dogs and uses special abilities like doubling his winnings—emphasizing Mayweather’s “money” mantra for an additional layer of strategy.

It’s this kind of quirkiness, combined with celebrity endorsements, that helps games like Wild Poker gain awareness in the crowded mobile-gaming market. Playtrex is aiming to make a name for itself by evolving the social casino game scene using varied gameplay.

“The key to standing out in today’s crowded mobile market is to be truly unique and deliver an outstanding product,” said Kashmir. “I know that sounds obvious, but it’s true. To be a hit today, a game has to offer something that no other game offers, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Wild Poker.”