When it comes to promoting AAA titles, these two found success with completely different strategies. Sometimes a game sells itself . . . and sometimes you just gotta torture an actor in a giant snow globe.

The Last Guardian

This very long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive tells the tale of a young boy and a strange, griffin-like creature named Trico. Aside from that, however, Sony has kept gameplay details tightly under wraps. Since The Last Guardian was announced nine years ago, the overwhelming hype of the game having finally come to fruition has been enough for Sony to step back and let the pre-orders roll in. In fact, pre-order sales were higher than Sony expected.

“When you’re working on a game that has such incredibly high levels of expectation, it’s impossible not to consider the pressure of meeting player expectations,” Joe Palmer, product manager for Sony told MCV“We’ve tried to avoid fueling the hype by playing on the fact that people have been waiting a long time for this. We want people to be excited because the game looks incredible, not because of its complicated development story.”

Despite its $120 price tag, fans have shown a particular interest in pre-ordering The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition. (Source: Sony)

“We’ve seen a really positive response to the Collector’s Edition in particular, which despite its higher price point, proves there’s a huge appetite for the game,” he added. The Collector’s Edition features a steelbook case, Blu-ray game disc, digital soundtrack, 72-page art book, Trico statue and a sticker sheet, all packed in a wooden collector’s box.

Brand new game footage was revealed during the PlayStation Experience as well, helping raise the excitement.

Dead Rising 4

Capcom has certainly cornered the zombie apocalypse market with its Resident Evil and Dead Rising franchises, and promotion for Dead Rising 4 has been focused primarily on the triumphant return of the series’ original protagonist—Frank West. During E3, the character staged a Twitter takeover for the official Dead Rising account, commenting on the events’ happenings and of course, adding his trademark wit to the mix.

Taking full advantage of the parallels between Dead Rising and The Walking Dead, West took over Twitter once again to live tweet reactions to TWD‘s brutal season seven premiere and even parodied “Lucille,” Negan’s thirsty bat of hateful doom.

After all, Frank was clobbering (and mocking) the undead with his bat long before Negan showed up—a fact that he won’t let slide easily.


Halloween may be over, but it’s never too late to “undead” yourself, thanks to a sponsored Snapchat filter.

If snuggling up with some hot cocoa and relaxing to the sound of a crackling fire and zombie moans is your thing, Capcom has you covered with a special Yule Log.

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, Frank was at it again on Friday—answering questions with the hashtag #AskFrank to ring in the weekend. Frank commented on other Dead Rising protagonists, Resident Evil cross-over fan fiction and gave viewers advice, all live on Facebook. Okay, so technically he didn’t say anything, but the recorded video shows him reading, reacting to and typing answers on his phone. Viewers were then encouraged to read Frank’s responses on the Twitter feed.

Actor Blake Anderson got in on the fun with Man vs. Holiday, livestreaming from inside a giant snow globe with zombies as he attempted to play Dead Rising 4 through 12 holiday challenges like ugly sweaters and incessant snow fall.

Continuing the holiday spirit, Xbox created a Dead Rising 4 trailer completely in Christmas lights and let fans turn them on live via Facebook and Periscope. The lights are hanging in the Brunswick Centre in London, which can be seen in the photos below.