The big news out of the Sony press event at Gamescom was the announcement of a new PlayStation 3 model.

Sony has a history of releasing slimmer versions of their systems, with both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 having slim models three-four years into their lifespan.  This redesign comes just shy of PS3’s third birthday, but is most instrumental in allowing Sony to make a profit on each unit sold without continuing with the bulky design it launched with back in 2006.

The new system will be released around the world on September 1 (Japan on September 3), and will have no new features, though it comes stocked with a higher-capacity 120GB model (current base models come with 60GB).

While we re actually not that impressed by the system s new look (that plastic looks a little cheap, but we have yet to see it in person), this is definitely the right direction for the third-place Sony.

Below is SCEA’s President and CEO Jack Tretton showing off the new goods (sans that dumb Spider-Man font that graced the original).