The new PSP Go is meant to be an addition to Sony’s portable line, not a replacement (as seen by today’s announcement of two new colors for the PSP lineup), but at $249 the price of entry is a bit steep.  Sony tried to soften the blow today with some news that it would be giving away a free copy of Gran Turismo PSP to each owner who registers their system between October 1 and 10.

Unfortunately, the offer only stands for European consumers, although we’d be shocked if that (or a similar) offer doesn’t make it to American shores before the system’s October 1 release date.

We still think $249 is far too high a price point to effectively market the PSP Go, and the inclusion of a $40 game is welcome news.  We actually think they need a couple more goodies to really make this a must-have unit.

Still, every little bit counts, and we ll keep you posted to how SCEA responds to requests for a similar U.S. program.