From GameSetWatch:

[Lionhead head Peter] Molyneux had one other interesting thing to say that might potentially spoil the ending of Fable II — please stop reading now if you don’t want to know about it.

His comments were on the last choice you make in Fable II, where the player essentially has to choose between sacrificing all his/her companions — include his/her canine buddy — or a large amount of people. Molyneux said that he “did have hate mail from people” who couldn’t bring themselves to sacrifice the multitudes, and chose the other path.

Apparently these complaints “got to such a furor” that the first Fable II DLC pack was changed to enable the return of the dog, a particularly faithful companion. But, quipped Molyneux: “Don’t expect us to be as merciful as that in the future.”

We re surprised that a longtime developer like Molyneux would cave to the requests of his audience, but this should prove one thing: the customer is always right.