Lenovo is an industry leader in manufacturing computer systems for a variety of uses, including high-end video gaming. So, it seemed like the perfect match when it announced a partnership with Razer at Dreamhack 2015 to co-brand and co-market gaming system. Lenovo’s manufacturing expertise and distribution channels combines with Razer’s immersive gaming technology to create Razer Edition models of Lenovo’s Y series gaming devices.

Victor Rios, Vice President and General Manager of Workstation BU and Gaming and Industry Solutions at Lenovo is quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Razer… we bring to the table our engineering expertise, design muscle and scale, Razer adds in the finesse and experience of serving the gaming community for the last decade. We believe our partnership is a strong first step that will lead to the delivery of winning PC gaming solutions and a brand new experience to our customers.”

Victor Rios Executive Quote Graphic 1600x900[a]listdaily spoke to Rios, to find out more about how this partnership will bring gaming technology to a new level.

Victor Rios 9466How did the partnership between Lenovo and Razer come together

We are partnering with Razer to deliver a better, more immersive gaming experience for people around the world. Our expertise in engineering, design and unrivaled scale combined with Razer’s deep experience in having served the global gaming community over the last decade will create new gaming experiences. We are starting with the new Lenovo Y series Razer Edition devices and it’s only going to get more exciting in the months to come.

In what ways will the Razer brand and expertise enhance Lenovo’s products How will this partnership expand the Lenovo and Razer brands to a broader audience

Over the last decade, Razer has earned the respect and admiration of millions in the global gaming community. Through Razer’s unique insights into hardcore and core gamers, we’ll be able to better understand their needs and motivations to foster future product development.

We believe gamers will really get the best of both worlds out of this partnership. They’ll get our hardware expertise and high performance of the current Y series gaming devices on top of Razer’s instantly recognizable brand accents and immersive connected technology.

How will you be promoting the Lenovo Razer Edition gaming systems

We unveiled the first fruit of our labor at DreamHack, a Lenovo Y Series Razer Edition gaming desktop. We’ll be launching this at CES in Las Vegas and stay tuned for more products to come.