While the items that utilize IoT (Internet of Things) based technology are just picking up steam, chances are that they’re going to be popular in the long run, especially when it comes to usage in certain fields.

eMarketer reports that, according to numbers provided by Tata Consultancy Services, 71.9 percent of travel, transportation and hospitality executives have indicate that their companies will utilize iOT-based technology in their mobile applications. That’s a much larger number compared to the 46.5 percent of business executives who stated they were interested in the Internet of Things.

Companies in other areas show interest as well, including banking and financial services, insurance, media and entertainment, telecom and retail industries, indicating they were using IoT to some extent with their mobile apps, although specific percentages weren’t given.

So what’s the appeal of IoT-based technology with these companies The report shows that production and distribution operations are common, mainly to track product flow for consumers.

50 percent of respondents in the media field indicated that they used IoT with their mobile apps, although more (around 56 percent) stated they would do so in terms of supporting operations.

Other industries show great interest as well, as automotive, production and distribution usage was more than twice as common as mobile apps when it came to the Internet of Things.

As you can see from the chart above, there are a number of ways Internet of Things is being used, whether it’s through mobile applications for consumers, or digital sensors and other devices in locations where business is conducted. Only 7.8 percent indicated they have no current plans for use with digital technologies to monitor products, but didn’t rule it out, saying it would become relevant by 2020.

This additional chart shows that leading operational challenges can be solved using Internet of Things, mainly with inventory accuracy and visibility into customer’s physical shopping behaviors (tied at 48 percent apiece), followed by speed of fulfillment to meet customer demand (44 percent) and connecting customer’s digital and offline activities (41 percent).

Does this mean Internet of Things will be a driving factor with companies Indeed, although more than one factor is considered when it comes to how effective it will be.