Microsoft today announced that the weekend will start with a $100 price cut on their Xbox 360 Elite model, giving it an MSRP that matches the latest Sony PS3 price cut to $299.  The Xbox 360 Pro model, now cut to $249 while supplies last, is being phased out for the Elite model, whose only difference is a 120GB drive rather than a 60GB one.

The Xbox 360 Arcade model, sans hard drive, remains at $199.

The $299 price match is great news for consumers, but a closer look shows a few items that Sony should (and will) highlight as major factors to consider.  The PS3 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, something that the Xbox 360 does for $100 more with an optional attachment.  Similarly, no HDMI cable comes with the Xbox 360, resulting in yet another accessory purchase for new owners.

So you have a gorgeous high-definition system with the world s best online gaming service, and you don t include Wi-Fi or an HDMI cable   Even though the core of your business and marketing strategies are online, and an HDMI cable costs a few dollars

Sony, Microsoft just gave you an opening, it s time to give em a good roundhouse with this one.