As the popularity of online game streaming and tournaments continues to grow, so do the number of shows dedicated to capturing the action, personalities, and spirit behind eSports competition. One such show is Legends of Gaming, produced by Endemol Beyond USA in partnership with popular food chain Pizza Hut.

We reported on Legends of Gaming earlier this year, which is a spin-off from a popular U.K. series of the same name, hosted by the popular streamer Toby “Tobuscus” Turner. The video above provides a taste of what viewers can expect. The show will feature top YouTube and eSport personalities as they compete in various games that include FIFA 16 and Counter-Strike.

To get a better idea of what Pizza Hut’s involvement with the show, [a]listdaily sat down with David Daniels, director of Media and Partnerships for the company.

“For one, we grew up as gaming grew up,” said Daniels, discussing why the company was getting involved with gaming. “There s been a connection between our brand and gaming for a long time. The experience has slightly changed, but the enjoyment you get from it has remained the same.

“In terms of why we re interested in it, we know gaming is as popular as ever, and we know that gamers love pizza. It s a great pairing. So, we felt to be involved in a truly organic, non-intrusive way was an opportunity to grow affinity about this audience.”

There’s a lot of potential when reaching out to this audience, according to Daniels. “Gaming is booming, so much so that is has outgrown music and movies in total revenue. From the casual player to the series gamer, we like the ability to provide great experiences along with our great pizzas to this audience.”

As for what part Pizza Hut plays in Legends of Gaming, Daniels explained, “We worked directly with Endemol to figure out an experience that was natural, not forced. Where we landed was an experience that was much like the one most gamers have at home enjoying pizza while others play a game or talking about the game in between turns playing. It s a reminder to the audience that this is where pizza fits in with gaming.”

This experience includes audience engagement and passing out pizza. “We will be giving away free pizzas to viewers of the show, conducting Twitter chats with fans/gamers and looking for other ways to activate throughout the season,” said Daniels.

Daniels wouldn’t divulge exact how many Pizza Hut lovers they hoped to reach, but says, “I can tell you that some of our most loyal customers would classify themselves as gamers, which to us is very exciting.”

If the show is a success, Pizza Hut could more closely tie its brand with gaming culture. “We will find the best ways to authentically make a connection in this space,” said Daniels.

As for general strategy behind the show, Daniels kept it simple. “Pizza is best served with a group of friends and a great game, and we believe Legends of Gaming hits that target.”

The first episodes are available for viewing on Smasher’s YouTube channel now, with plenty more to come. Time to order a pizza to and get watching.