With eSports growing and Twitch streamers hitting 1.7 million streamers and 100 million viewers on a monthly basis, there’s an explosion of content coming out of the Amazon-owned but independently-operated video platform. Plays.tv is one of the key ways that streamers capture and share their best moments of fiero, glitches or epic fails with the Twitch community. While streamers can gain massive followings, much of their content is shared through curators that compile ‘best of’ videos. Yet these compilations don’t always credit the person behind the controller when these highlight-worthy moments happen.

That’s where the new Chrome Extension for Plays.tv intends to help. Announced today, this new feature for Plays.tv helps ensure that great eSports and other video game content found on the platform is properly credited and tagged before it is shared by the creator or other users.

Plays.tv CEO Dennis Fong, one of the first pro gamers ever (Thresh) and founder of many successful platforms (including Raptr), wanted to help these streamers by creating a plugin that ensured credit for their work. [a]listdaily caught up with Dennis to hear more about how he’s resolving this issue with this new feature.

dennisfong49Can you tell us a bit about Plays.tv and its role in Twitch streaming?

Plays.tv captures gameplay and video for Twitch streamers so it can be shared. For users, it’s become kind of like an Instagram for gamers and is very popular with people who follow eSports. Users get a stream of content from their favorite players and they can capture those moments for sharing in their own compilations, too.

Why did you want to build this new tool and what does it do?

The streamers that use Plays.tv asked us to do this. We had bookmarking but our community wanted a simple way to capture their best moments and ensure they got credit for what they created when other users share it. So we created this plugin (really, a Chrome Extension) to answer that request.

And it does this capture in a frictionless way – when a streamer does something amazing, they can hit a hotkey to capture the last thirty seconds of gameplay. It’s like an Instant Replay in sports broadcasts – we capture what happened and then provide it so users can easily edit it, add a headline and then get it out to their subscribers.

So this is available for both streamers and also users to edit and share?

Right. For the streamer, information about the game played and other relevant tags are added to the clip. It’s all ready to go for sharing. No combing through hours of their content to find that awesome moment they really want people to see. Most streamers have their own live content running on a PC nearby so they can just capture it right there. Then they can put it into their own highlights reel or other users can add it to their own compilations with proper credits.

We’re kind of creating an NFL Red Zone for eSports by making it easy to compile, view and share the best streaming video game content out there, while also making sure creators get their due. We think this can be huge for live broadcasts of eSports events, too.

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What else does Plays.tv have in store for the future?

This is just the first release of the Chrome Extension to help solve a problem for these streamers. We have more planned that will help them monetize, expand to other platforms, and reduce the friction to get their content out there. We certainly aren’t done coming up with ways to support our community of streamers and users. This is just a starting point.