Germany is poised to become the largest non-U.S. market in the world, bigger than both the United Kingdom and Japan, thanks to the country’s improved resistance to the worldwide recession and continued growth in game sales.

From Gamezine: {link no longer active}

The recession has not impacted Germany significantly with software sales remaining constant in the country, while a decline of 20 percent was felt in the UK, according to numbers produced by Gfk Chart-Track.

Germany recently passed a law that would ban the sale of violent video games across the country, so the race for Europe’s top spot is not over.

The country is notoriously squeamish about violence in media, with many game publishers having to make significant changes to products (human enemies become robots, etc.) before they get released.

It does show that violence isn’t a requirement to market games to a large market.  Their top seller so far?   Wii Fit.