From AdWeek:

And being retired as a player for the better part of a decade hasn’t stopped Michael Jordan from scoring strongly when people are asked to cite their favorite sports stars. Jordan comes in at No. 2 in a Harris Poll that posed the favorite-sports-star question, topped only by Tiger Woods, who makes his fourth straight appearance in the No.  1 spot. Filling out the top five were LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter.

Basketball accounted for three of respondents’ top 10 picks. Nascar had two, with Jeff Gordon at No. 5 and Dale Earnhardt Jr. at No. 8. Baseball also had two, with Albert Pujols (No. 10) joining Jeter on the list. So did football: Peyton Manning at No. 7 and (despite his undistinguished season for the New York Jets) Brett Favre at No. 9. Tiger Woods was the lone golfer in the top 10.

Even with Michael Jordan out of the NBA for several years now, his brand still resonates with consumers.  We think that’s as much a testament to Nike’s marketing machine as it is to his skills on the court.

When turning to female athletes, Serena and Venus took the top two spots.