Unlike Apple’s App Store approval process, Sony is explicitly stating they do not want to go Apple’s route of approving content, instead just looking for software stability and making sure games work.

From Pocket Gamer:

Interesting, Sony details the process by which Minis are submitted and approved. There is “no requirement for content approval” apparently.

Games will however go through a shortened quality assurance process to make sure they work properly on the various PSP hardware.

Significantly, this process is labelled as being “transparent, trackable and predictible”, with developers setting their own release dates.

This suggests Sony has learnt from Apple’s approval process for the App Store, which is regarded as being neither transparent, trackable or predictible.

As inconsistent as Apple’s policy is, does this mean the Minis store will feature theft of IP or objectionable material   Our bet is to wait until a game like Super Larrio Brothers makes it to Sony s approval desk to see what happens.