From Pocket Gamer: {link no longer active}

Pocket Gamer has learned that these will be priced at 1, 2 and 5 Euros, making them the equivalent of the games available via Apple’s App Store.

In fact, the highest priced games on the App Store are $9.99 – currently The Sims 3 and Real Racing – making PSN cheaper at the top end.

It’s a significant move as Sony has been hit by criticism concerning the price of the PSPgo hardware ($250, £230).

This is a testament to how impactful Apple has been to the portable gaming market, with its plethora of 99-cent games and most of them never reaching the $10 mark.  Sony has little choice but to follow suit, and hopefully do so with its massive backlog of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games.

Inexpensive PS, PS2 and new PSPgo games would be the center of our marketing campaign for the new system.  What would you go with?