It’s another big week for video game releases, and these publishers have been hard at work laying the groundwork for a successful launch. From bringing life-sized mechs to expos to leaving giant statues at train stations, these two games have fans ready to play.

Titanfall 2

After a stunning reveal trailer at E3, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 has been on a mission for success through a new singleplayer campaign mode and by building on its existing multiplayer action. Published by Electronic Arts (EA), Titanfall 2 has been making the expo circuit with strong presences at E3, Gamescom and PAX, offering hands-on demos for fans. Those who attended the GameStop Expo this year were also treated to a life-sized titan. While press coverage is still a necessity, it’s becoming increasingly important for publishers to get these big releases into the hands of those who buy them, especially influencers. This consumer-first attitude has resulted in a number of publishers holding fan events rather than big press conferences at major industry expos. Time to find out if it worked!

With two major releases so close together, EA took the opportunity to tie in promotions for both Battlefield 1, which released last week, and Titanfall 2, releasing on Tuesday. Those who play Battlefield 1, for example, can unlock a special Red Baron skin for their Titan.

PC gamers in the market for a new laptop are being enticed to play the game, thanks to a partnership with MSI. Those who purchase select MSI laptops through November 30 can choose to receive either Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 for free. The game is also one of the first to support PlayStation 4 Pro 4K resolution on disc.

If gaming makes you hungry, you’re in luck—EA has partnered with Mountain Dew and Doritos to offer double XP, access to Titan skins, a special 1-on-1 competition mode called Coliseum, and more. Likewise, those who eat at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants between October 28 and the end of November 2016 will receive access to Coliseum mode in Titanfall 2 multiplayer mode and a Titan insignia.

World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix took over Tokyo’s Shibuya Station for a week in October, giving fans an opportunity to interact with giant figures of characters, Butz, Cloud, Vivi, Yuna and Lightning. The figures shouted lines from the game in front of large promotional posters for the game. Although fans can’t take the giant versions home, miniature figurines from the game will be available through Static Arts in March 2017.fffigure6

A free demo of World of Final Fantasy was made available on PlayStation 4 and Vita and fans were invited to vote on mirage (monster) stacks that would appear in-game through the official Twitter account.

The game was made available to play at New York Comic Con and with the Final Fantasy Fan Festival taking place two weeks before the game’s launch, the timing was right to get gamers excited about the franchise. Those who pre-order the Special Collector’s Edition were entered to win a PS4, signed posters and more. In addition, the team has been hard at work with livestreams and mirage reveals on Twitter leading up the game’s release on Tuesday.

Although we live in a digital age, live events and activations are still a major draw for fans and brand loyalty. From photo ops to helping shape the game, itself, these publishers are ready for a successful launch.