Tubular Labs has certainly come a long way over the past few years with its video intelligence platform, attracting big-name enterprise customers like Spotify, GE, HarperCollins and Mattel in the process. Now, it’s announced that it’s expanding its operations to another coast.

The company has opened up a new office in New York City, where it will be able to serve clients better on both the West and East coasts. Tubular’s senior vice president of customer growth and success, Marc Schraer, will be heading up the new office.

Leading a seven member and rapidly growing sales and customer success team, I am thrilled about what we can accomplish by having a prominent presence in the East Coast, said Schraer. With over 80 brands, media companies and MCNs as enterprise customers, Tubular is the standard in video intelligence. Being in New York allows us easy and frequent touch points with existing and potential new customers.

We recently had a chance to talk with Schraer about the new position, as well as what this could mean for future business for Tubular.

First up, we asked about what kind of factors will come from the increasing demand for video metrics and intelligence. “With more than 50 million videos uploaded every week, there’s no doubt that digital video has exploded in the last decade,” he explained. “A number of factors have contributed to this growth, including proliferation of high quality mobile devices, low cost of storage and multitude of social platforms (from YouTube to Vine to Instagram).

“Now anyone and everyone can shoot, edit and share video anytime, anywhere. With such a large amount of video content comes a large amount of data. This data needs to be analyzed and turned into actionable insights that brands, media companies, MCNs and creators can use to formulate the right online strategy and reach their audiences effectively.”

Traditional broadcasters can get a lot of useful data from Tubular’s services as well. “Broadcasters need insights to help them compete in the online world and create content and strategies that resonate best with their audiences who are increasingly online and mobile.  Without Tubular data, they’re blind to who is creating online video content (including their competitors), what types of content are resonating with their audiences and how the dynamics vary by platform,” Schraer explained.

As far as how important the expansion is to the company, “New York City is the geographic center for many of our global media company and brand customers, so being here enables us to spend more time on location with them.” This includes a number of hot clients that will no doubt take advantage of Tubular’s assets.

Regarding just how the business will expand and the potential of drawing in new broadcasters Schraer stated, “Our business is rapidly growing. We are looking to make our offering available to more broadcasters, as well as brands, media companies and MCNs. Being in NYC is naturally a plus in this regard as New York is a hub for global media and broadcasting companies.”

To conclude, we asked Schraer to provide an outlook in terms of where video-oriented business would be going over the next few years. He replied, “As stated earlier, online video is exploding. In fact, by 2017, over 74% of all online content is expected to be video. As more companies turn to video and use multiple platforms to better reach their audiences, we expect them to have a larger need for powerful data analysis and actionable insights to increase their ROI.”

To learn more about Tubular Labs, be sure to visit the company’s official web page.