Ironically, marketers and media professionals are just as tired of seeing ads as consumers, despite spending more on digital ads this year.

Recent estimates by eMarketer claim that adblock technology will be used by 30.1 percent of internet users in 2018. However, internal tracking shows that 76 percent of AListDaily readers—comprised chiefly of executives in the media and marketing space—actively use adblockers.

AListDaily tracked ad block usage from users over a period of 30 days in March using Google Analytics. Considering that our readers are marketing professionals—70 percent of which are VPs and C-level executives—it came as a surprise to find that 76 percent of our total audience uses adblockers themselves.

Meanwhile, US advertisers will spend nearly $48 billion on digital display ads in 2018, eMarketer predicts. This is an increase from nearly $42 billion spent last year.

As a marketing professional, do you use adblockers? If so, how does that decision impact your view on advertising?