We’re all cooped up, but humans are still desiring to go outside and explore. Introducing virtual reality to help provide a sense of relief and normalcy during this shelter in place epidemic. Let’s take a look at how companies are utilizing virtual technology to continue marketing efforts and keep people engaged, entertained and active. 

Premier Soccer Players Training in VR

What’s happening: Players are using virtual reality technology to keep their skills sharp during stay at home orders. Originally created for rehabilitation purposes, this software utilizes shin pad and foot sensors to track movement and skills within VR. Best of all, it’s working. Players are saying that they’re seeing improvements in awareness and more.

Why it matters: When the world shuts down we need to lean into technology that’s already at our fingertips to keep life going. This repurposing of existing software and hardware is a great way to find new and unique ways to keep ourselves active and sharp while we don’t have the luxuries of normal life. 

Tourism And Virtual Reality During Coronavirus 

What’s happening: Travel companies are looking to virtual reality during this pandemic to give agents the tools to continue marketing travel. Through 360-degree and cinematic productions, travel agencies are able to continue to show would-be travellers their options, from cruises to hotels and resorts, this could be the way people learn and book future vacations even after COVID-19.

Why it matters: The travel industry is just one segment that has been hit rather hard from the coronavirus outbreak. Through the power of virtual reality, businesses can give at-home audiences a taste of what some of these far-off and exotic locations are like. While not looking to replace these actual experiences, virtual reality is helping many companies that would otherwise shut down keep people interested and planning during this time of isolation.