This week we saw Apple showing interest in NextVR, Strivr receiving a $30M series B funding, and a whole lot of verticals taking to VR in these social distancing times. VR is still on the rise and it’s poised to go front and center as people look for ways to pass the time inside.

Apple Interested In NextVR, Strivr Hits Series B Funding

What’s happening: NextVR, a VR platform for live sports, music and entertainment, is being eyed by Apple. NextVR is said to hold more than 40 patents, and this could be Apple’s primary goal. Strivr, who develops enterprise software for training employees through VR, receives $30M in series B funding. Strivr has 22,000 VR headsets in the wild with 1.6 million sessions.

Why it matters: Between acquisition and big funding, we’re seeing that VR is still very important in terms of growth. While it’s uncertain that Apple is looking to get into the VR hardware, content, or is just after the patents, it’s a good indicator that everyone is looking to see how virtual reality can impact our world and how we do business.

Nascar In Virtual Reality

What’s happening: With social distancing, we’re seeing a new surge in digital sports. Nascar for example has started eNASCAR, a virtual racing experience with the pros. The first week saw 903k viewers and the second week reached 1.3 million on FOX Sports.

Why it matters: While everyone is relegated to staying home, many sports are looking to virtual reality to help keep entertainment and live sports alive and well. While we don’t all work in the sports industry, this is a good reminder that no matter what market you’re in, you should consider looking at VR as an opportunity to help reach your audience during this isolating time. Not only does it help you stay in contact with your target market, it provides your audience with a way to virtually get out of their homes.