With a knack for inserting itself in some of the most unexpected corners of pop culture, Wendy’s keeps surprising fans. This time, the brand returned to Twitch to live-stream its digital avatar while playing Fortnite to promote the launch of Baconfest, a celebration of its Baconator sandwiches. Wendy’s gave out free Baconator sandwiches to the first 1,000 viewers who made any Wendy’s purchase through DoorDash. The Baconator video garnered a little over 2,000 views.

The Baconator-Twitch stunt reflects the brand’s attempt to extend its reach beyond Twitter, where it’s seen the most success and has 3.24 million followers. In another recent campaign, “Keeping Fortnite Fresh,” the Wendy’s avatar destroyed every freezer in the in-game burger establishment, Durrr Burger, as a rebellion against frozen beef. The initiative led to a 119 percent increase of mentions of Wendy’s across all its social media platforms. With just 27,000 followers on Twitch, Wendy’s has gotten a slow, but steady start on marketing to younger audiences who prefer streaming platforms over traditional television.

As part of Baconfest, Wendy’s is also marketing its Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Fans who use the code, “BACONFEST,” will receive an exclusive DoorDash deal that consists of a free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and free delivery when they spend $10 or more.

The self-professed “number one seller of bacon cheeseburgers across the fast-food industry,” Wendy’s teased Baconfest with a 15-second video spot published to the brand’s Twitter. The spot showcases Wendy’s various bacon items in a club full of bacon lovers, dancing to tracks played by a DJ who has a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger for a head. 


Yet another bacon tie-in is being used to encourage fans to use the brand’s mobile app. Between July 16-August 25, those who use the Wendy’s app to order, will receive free Baconator Fries with any purchase.