In the past, purchasing Android games through Amazon’s Appstore required you to download a special app in order to do so – a problem considering it isn’t readily available through the Google Play services. However, this past month, the company has made things a little bit easier, with the ability to activate a fully-functional Appstore on Android devices, which can be accessed directly through Amazon’s official application.

Users can find the store through the company’s “Shop by Department” section, and select “Apps & Games” from there. Following that, users will gain complete access to all of the applications available, which is a nice change of pace from how they had to get games before.

“Our customers want to go to one place to find all selection, whether it’s physical or digital, so we now offer the ability for customers to purchase videos, songs, audiobooks, apps and games from within the Amazon app,” said a spokesperson, speaking with TechCrunch. The goal of the company’s press release was to talk more about the convenience of using the Amazon app, rather than the addition of the Android-based services themselves.

Part of that move comes from the expansion of video services with Amazon Prime – even if that still requires having to download a separate Video Player to activate said services on mobile devices. A small price to pay, though, especially considering how much Amazon has expanded said services with most of its products.

On the Fire TV specifically, the company has managed to triple its selection of programs, from such studios as A & E, NFL Now, DailyMotion, PBS, PBS Kids and others, according to Business Wire. “We continue to hear from customers how much they love the selection available to them on their Amazon Fire TV. In just over six months we’ve tripled the catalog and we’re adding new customer favorites on a weekly basis,” said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President of the Amazon Appstore. “We also hear from customers how much they love playing games on their TV — 9 of the top 10 grossing apps on Fire TV are games — so we continue to work with game developers and add the most popular game content. Dungeon Quest, Spoiler Alert, Leo’s Fortune and Ninja Hero Cats, are some of the new games recently launched on Fire TV, and, coming soon, NBA 2K15.”

Others chimed in on the success of Fire TV as well, between such media apps as Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, as well as games like Asphalt 8: Airborne and Despicable Me: Minion Rush. “As a small development team, we have had the largest return on our invested capital with Fire TV,” said Todd Daniel, Managing Partner at Shiny Box Games, makers of Dungeon Quest. “We are seeing world class performance metrics only a month in to the game being available on Amazon Fire TV. User retention and attachment rates are higher than any of our other platforms.”

“For us it was really important to be on Fire TV, because of our beyond-mobile strategy,” said Chris Kassulke, CEO and co-founder of HandyGames, creators of Ninja Hero Cats and Save the Puppies. “The end-consumer should have access to their games, whether they are on the go or at home in the living room, and this is the reason why we optimized all our games for Fire TV. As a next step, we will be optimizing all our future games for Fire TV, so the end-consumer can look forward to lots of exciting new content from us.”

“Video content owners have been able to transform their video catalogs into TV apps with the Opera TV Snap technology, and we are excited to publish this video content on Amazon Fire TV – yet another platform to massively increase their audiences,” said Aneesh Rajaram, Senior Vice President for TV & Devices, Opera Software.

No doubt Amazon is attempting to open up its video services on all venues – and the expansion is likely to continue into 2015 and beyond.