Sometimes, to get the message across, you need a big ad to get the attention of potential customers. And that’s exactly what both Amazon and Netflix recently did in The New York Times.

Re/code recently reported that the streaming channels took out full-page ads in The New York Times this past Saturday to promote their original programming. Amazon went all out to promote its forthcoming Mozart In the Jungle comedy series (which debuts today), while Netflix detailed its recently debuted historical action/adventure series Marco Polo.

The placement of the ads is obviously intentional, as both channels are reaching out to potential audiences for the holiday season – especially with many people on vacation, looking to “binge watch” something while on the holiday break through New Years.

Both shows have rather large budgets behind them, and both networks are looking to make them big hits to accumulate a large audience – which isn’t easy, considering neither of them have a big critical push. Although Marco Polo utilizes several positive quotes, some consider it a less-than-stellar effort, with The New York Times calling it “a disappointment” and the Times considering it “a sprawling mess.”

That’s not to say that critics have all the say in the matter, though. Marco Polo has been generating big attention since its premiere earlier this month, while Mozart In the Jungle‘s pilot episode did garner a 4.4 out of 5 rating from users who watched it.

In addition to promoting key programs, both ads also serve as a strong lead-in for both networks heading into 2015, as they’ll be offering a slew of new programming. Amazon will no doubt lean on popular shows like Alpha House as well as new shows, while Netflix relies on the third and final season of House of Cards, which debuts this February, along with more original programming, including the premiere of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 over the summer.